Heat wave

31 Mar

Paris has been experiencing a véritable heat wave the last couple of weeks and my little one and I have literally spent the majority of our time park hopping. We spent the best part of last week at our local park making friends with the neighbourhood kids but then we began to venture outwards to bigger & brighter places.

On Wednesday we met up with a lovely friend and her 4-year-old son at the Jardin de Luxembourg. We had a picnic on the designated grassy stretch of lawn then went for a wonder and ended up at the Poussin Vert playground. Although the entrance fee may be off-putting (2.50€/child and 1.50€/adult) one feels incredibly safe and secure as it’s completely enclosed. The huge play area is divided into two zones, one for 3-7 year olds (including a bac à sable, slides, see-saws, wooden trains, monkey bars and climbing structures) and one for 7-12 year olds with larger and more adventurous looking jeux.

Our little ones had a go on all the toys but decided to spend the majority of their time sifting sand…kids!

The following day we met up with the lovely ladies (and gents) from the English Speaking Mums of Paris at the glorious gardens of the Musée Rodin.

A calm, beautiful haven in the heart of the Invalides, this is an ideal coffee stop for any parent who happens to be in the area. The café offers delicious sandwiches, salads and snacks and a pretty good Café Crème too!

The kids ran around in the garden surrounded by Rodin’s masterpieces (including The Thinker). The only thing we had to make sure of was that they didn’t decide to dive into the large pond, but other than that we were comforted to know they were safe & sound within the garden walls.

After enjoying a coffee and catch up, we left the café to the parade of lunch-goers and headed towards the back of the garden where wooden loungers were scattered around inviting us to relax while the kids enjoyed the beautiful surroundings (and, believe it or not, sand boxes!!).


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