Get Babarised!

1 Apr

I’ve been pining to redecorate parts of our flat but as our budget won’t allow for genuine parquet flooring just yet, we decided to head to the paint section on the fourth floor of BHV to buy turquoise coloured blackboard paint instead! We thought it would put a fun twist on our note taking at the entrance of the house, and our little one could have a bit of wall that she is actually allowed to draw on!

As we were already on the rue de Rivoli, we decided to head to the Musée des arts décoratifs for the Babar exhibition. It being a grey Saturday afternoon, I was afraid it was going to be chock-a-block but in fact we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Our little one was excited beyond belief, as Babar is one of her favourite characters in his legendary suit “of a becoming shade of green” and I was happy to notice that the exhibition was hung with the little ones in mind.

A video projection shows Laurent de Brunhoff telling the touching story of the creation of Babar by his father, Jean.  The very first drawings of the King of Celestivlle are exhibited alongside costumes, toys, books, and animated cartoons, which my little one loved.

The museum also offers workshops relating to the exhibition for children aged 4-10 as well as narrated tours.

Les Histoires de Babar is on until the second of September, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch it!


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