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It’s the rentrée!!

4 Sep

It is, as the French would say, the « rentrée » meaning everyone’s back home after a well-earned holiday in the sun and the kids start the new school year.

It can be quite disheartening having to fit back into a routine after spending three weeks bare foot, scantily clad without a care in the world but I have decided to make this rentrée an inspiring one, motivating myself to do all the things I love doing but never seem to find the time to do, being a mother of a two year old ‘n all!

For an Anglo-Saxon living in gay Paris it can, at times, be hard to deal with the world famous Parisian rudeness but it is only fair to say that they’re not all like that. One has to take the good with the bad and believe me there are some great things about Paris…starting with the food!

One thing I found when I first moved here was how hard it was to get information about anything from where to find a good dentist to the best waxing in town. Before the days of Face book & Twitter, (yes, I am THAT old!) it was hard to be in the know if you weren’t French, or better still, a Parisian. First problem: the language: I didn’t speak it! Second, I was 21 and more interested in having a life experience rather than root canal. But after living here over the years and now a mother, I have decided to get my act together and share my experiences and knowledge with other non-French mothers in the hope that they may come in handy one day or just fun to try out.